This Created The Minimalists

I don't want to own like less than 50 things you know that's not that's not me like I'm shirts or what right yeah I don't want to be a monk it's about living intentionally you know Josh and I for so long lived unintentional we were climbing the corporate ladder of success we did a really good job of that but you know as we were making really good money we were spending even better money we got ourselves in heaps of debt that's really where the journey started for us is we found ourselves just in over six figures worth of debt and we were trapped this stressful job that we had we had to maintain that job to pay for the debt payments that we signed up for and it was just kind of this vicious cycle so minimalism it gave us an opportunity to make room for what was actually important so for me when Josh first introduced the term minimalism to me at first I'm like dude

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