Ask Yourself This Important Question

so ask yourself this question what are the non-negotiable experiences that you want out of life so if you're single and you could do this with a friend or a mentor if you're married or you're in a serious relationship have this conversation with your significant other but think about do I want kids if so what kind of experiences do I want to give them do we want to travel am I going to want to work so I have to pay for child care do we want to pay for their college and save towards that we need to think about basic things like doctor's visits or even camps in the summer that they're going to go to but if kids maybe are not in the equation then think about other things like travel I mean how many vacations do you want to take a year do you want to improve the comfort of your day-to-day life maybe you want you know a great new kitchen and you're going to do a home renovation or maybe you want a nice car and you want to save up cash for it whatever it looks like for you just daydream about the future and then adjust your budget in the present to make that happen

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